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There has never been a better time for exploring business opportunities offered by telephony. Call charges are coming down and calls can routed to anywhere in the world without the caller even knowing.
It is increasingly possible to link telephony and the Internet. We offer a number of services in this area with new services being added daily. So if you have a project, give us a call and we will be more than happy to advise on the best way to turn your ideas into reality.

We can supply voicemail, information services (i.e. your customer dials a number and retrieves information about your services), voting lines, home working and intelligent routing (e.g. one telephone number such as an 0870 gets routed to an agent at their home number and if the line is busy then the call is sent to the next agent in turn), national switchboard (one main number with extensions which are landlines or mobiles anywhere in the world), VOIP (the buzzword of the moment - stands for 'Voice Over Internet Protocol') which can send your calls over the internet with just an ADSL broadband connection at very low cost or can link two or more offices together with no call costs at all. VOIP should change the way you think about making business phone calls.
Some of our products for you to think about:
• email to SMS and SMS to email;
• SMS chat;
• SMS info lines.

One of our clients keeps in touch with their reps with SMS Text messages. Someone at Head Office sends an email to a special email address and our email servers convert this to a text message which is sent to the 'road warrior' rep as an SMS. They can reply using SMS and we turn their reply back into email and return it to head office.

No new hardware to buy and it uses your existing technology!

Standard services:

• Number translation service, to redirect calls anywhere in the world. • IVR voice services - voicemail - quiz lines - information lines etc. • SMS text messaging services - bulk email to SMS - SMS to email. • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) - connect two or more of your offices with no call charges using ADSL broadband connections. • WAP services and WAP sites (see our Internet services). • First-Watch enables us to monitor a machine on the Internet (for example a webserver or an email server or a VOIP server) and send you an email or SMS text message when it's 'DOWN' and when it comes back 'UP' again. (See our Internet services).

Premium Rate Services:

Telephone number ranges: 0905 - 0906 - 0960 - 0909
PRS rates per minute: 10 pence, 15 pence, 25 pence, 50 pence, 60 pence, 75 pence, £1.00 & £1.50 (cost to the caller).

Generous credit payments based on call volume minus the cost of redirecting the call to an existing landline.

Non-Geographic Numbers: 0700 - 0871 - 0870 - 0845

General facilities available with any of these number ranges:

You can change the destination of your numbers at any time (a charge may apply if you have this service, however this is free if you only change the redirect number up to 3 times per. month). (Web interface available soon)

Busy Routing is available. You can avoid losing calls by re-routing them to another number when your primary number is engaged.

Time of Day Routing is available. You can re-direct your calls to a different line based on time of day.

For more details call our Sales Department on 020 8819 5844