Transferring a domain (out) to another provider and transferring a domain (in) from another provider to First-Web.

We always require signed authorisation by letter, which may be sent by post or scanned and emailed as an attachment, before we can transfer away control of a domain name. This helps to avoid dispute later.

Please note that we must have received cleared payment of all outstanding invoices before we can transfer away control of domain names.

There are slightly different requirements for the authorisation letter depending on whether the registered owner (the transferor) is a UK incorporated company, an unincorporated company, or an individual. If the transferor is a company located outside the UK please contact us for further information.

•  If the transferor is a UK incorporated company reference should be made to the full registered company name, registered address and registered company number. This is in accordance with the Companies Act 1985. The letter must be signed by a [legibly named] Director of the company.

•   An unincorporated company letterhead should refer to the name(s) of the proprietor or partners and also the full legal trading name and trading address.

•   In the case of an individual, they should include their home address and the address they provided at the time of registration.

•    In every case, the authorisation letter should make clear what instructions are being given to First-Web Network Services Ltd with regard to each domain name.

For your own protection, always ensure that if your domain names are owned by a company, any changes to the company (name change, dissolution etc.) do not affect your rights to the domain name. If in doubt you should seek legal advice.

If any of the above requirements are not met this may delay transferring control of your domain name.

Do not forget that, after Registrar control of a domain name has been transferred away, within 7 days we will delete its website, email and database contents. Please ensure the new provider has set up appropriate DNS records, websites and email on their systems well before the transfer takes place. We strongly suggest that a few days before the domain name is transferred away you give us details of your new provider's name servers so we can assign them to the domain name prior to the transfer.

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